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FDE CMS - First Multilanguage CMS
FD Engine - the first multilanguage CMS, allowing to work with project and at the level of multilanguage interface and at the level multilingual content (content).

Brief characteristics of the system:

+ Uses PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX
+ A sustained and stable operation at overloaded servers
+ Current data caching
+ Good optimized code
+ Support for multilanguage interface and content
+ Support for compiled templates
+ Security. We have extensive experience in developing websites in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and know all the details of the protection of web-applications
+ Support NC (SEF)
+ Support for modules, blocks and positions
+ News module in the basic version
+ Support for static pages
+ Distribution of human users. Ability to create new groups of users
+ Editing templates from the admin panel
+ Edit language files from the admin panel, the possibility of organizing transfers directly to adminpaneli
+ Module mailings. Ability to implement files and images in the message body
+ And much more ...

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