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Purchase FDE Grabber

In order to acquire CMS FDE or FDE Grabber, is required to register on this site, and go on a special form, which will be available after your login.

The cost of FD Grabber is 88.8 USD (will working on 10 IP addresses). When you buy any of our software in further you will have 10% discount. To view the license agreement of FDE Grabber please, click here: Licenses purchased CMS FDE can be used on an unlimited number of your own (!) sites.

Access to a licensed version of the software will be provided after receipt of the money in the automatic mode.

Thank you for your interest in multilingual CMS FD Engine!

The order of payment and receipt of goods, using the electronic payment system WEBMONEY TRANSFER:   Here you can find information as to the passport for our WM-identifier 424144152559   Check passport

Disclaimer (Waiver of Liability)

Goods and services, offered by us as a Merchant are not provided on order or by request of a person or entity, running WebMoney Transfer System. We hereby act as an independent entity providing services and making independent decisions on pricing and offers. Entities, running WebMoney Transfer System do not receive any commission, interest fees or any other awards/refunds for the provided goods or services and are not liable for our activities. Verification, performed by WebMoney Transfer System only confirms the accuracy of our contact details and proves our identity. Verification is performed by our own free will and doesn't mean or show our connection to the commercial activity of WebMoney Transfer System Operators.

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