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26 June 2010 | Статьи о FDE CMS

Opening support site CMS FDE

Hello, dear friends!

After long and extensive testing of our CMS, we are pleased to announce that the multilingual version is available. Actually, now all versions of FDE will be multilingual, as our CMS is planned as a fast and secure engine for business projects.

So as of now, almost no one project is not without multilanguage support, many developers are forced to think about how to build on the massive engines multilingual project, and alas, often the result does not always outweigh the costs and expectations ...

Especially for the purposes of the serious multilingual projects, we have developed a slider. Multi-language support is built into the kernel. Working with our CMS with support for multiple languages on the site is easy and convenient, so you can save tons of time.

Our system templates are as flexible as Smarty, but flawed slowness.

You can create blocks and position on your site, showing them in modules, voting, static content, you can assign to any group of users access to modules and blocks separately.

Editing templates and language files can directly into the admin interface.

Edit language file provides for transfers, you can see and edit multiple selected translations in different languages, and can also produce many other interesting and unique challenges through the admin interface ...

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