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License Agreement for software FDE CMS

This license agreement is to use the software FDE CMS (FD Engine).
Please read this agreement carefully.
If you do not agree with the terms of the license agreement and / or no longer use the software product
FDE CMS, you can not use the software FDE CMS in any form, including the purpose of commercial gain.

Installing and using software FDE CMS means complete agreement with all clauses of the license agreement.

License Agreement enters into force from the date of purchase and is valid for the duration of use of the product.

When finished using the software FDE CMS you must remove it.

1. The subject of the license agreement

subject of the agreement is the right use of the product "FDE CMS" (hereinafter "program" or "product") on such terms and conditions of this agreement.

Related products or other information provided by the developer to the user can be used for any number of licensed copies of the product purchased by one user.

All provisions of this Agreement apply both to the product and its constituent parts, as well as the accompanying application, data, related products and services.

Licenses for the product you can use at all its sites, but can not transfer to third parties. Prohibited any unlawful, not agreed in writing with the developer, playback software in any form. Prohibited any unlawful, not agreed in writing with the developer, the spread of software in any form, including commercial.

License Agreement gives the right only to use the product, and does not provide ownership rights to the product or its component parts.

2. Copyright

Product "FDE CMS" is the intellectual property of the developer.

All property rights and copyrights belong to the developer.

Product "FDE CMS" protected by the legislation regulating relations in the sphere of intellectual property protection programs, databases for electronic computers.

Copyright infringement is punishable in accordance with the provisions of existing legislation. The developer is entitled to claim compensation for any illegal use of its product.

3. Terms product

This license agreement provides for the use of the purchased license only on their sites, without the right to transfer or resale of licenses to third parties.

It is forbidden to copy the program "FDE CMS", transfer it to third parties, to disseminate it and / or its components in any form and form. It is also forbidden to lease / rent a product or its components or parts of the product.

You can, if necessary (for personal use) to make changes in the product code in accordance with copyright law. In this case the developer does not guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the product.

Not remove copyright information.

Any use of the program "FDE CMS", contrary to applicable law or this License Agreement.

4. Responsible parties

For violation of the terms of this agreement comes responsibility under the law.

The developer is not liable to the user of the product for any damage, loss of profits, loss of data or savings associated with the use or inability to use the product, even if prior notice of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim of a third party.

Developer fails to refund users for the product.

5. Limited Warranty

The developer carries out the correction of errors occurring during use of the product as much as possible.

In the case of non-compliance of paragraph 3 of this license agreement, you automatically lose the guarantee.

6. Support

In warranty included: correction of errors in the product support by email and in a special section on the project site.

The user receives the right to participate in the trade forum between users and developers.

In case of violation of paragraph 3 of this license agreement the developer the right to refuse technical support as well as the issuance of product updates, as well as to cancel the previously acquired license.

7. Changes and Termination

The developer reserves the right at any time make changes to this license agreement.

In case of violation of the user license agreement, the developer the right to break his will notify users by e-mail or any other way.

Upon the termination of the license agreement the user must stop using the product or its parts or accessories.

You may terminate this license agreement will completely remove the product.

If the court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of this agreement invalid, the license agreement continues to operate in the rest of its parts.

This EULA also applies to all new versions of the product and all updates provided to the user in terms of technical support, as well as all other goods and services.

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